The Algernon Blackwood Collection por Algernon Blackwood

November 19, 2019

The Algernon Blackwood Collection por Algernon Blackwood
Titulo del libro : The Algernon Blackwood Collection
Autor : Algernon Blackwood

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Algernon Blackwood was an English broadcasting narrator, journalist, novelist and short story writer, and among the most prolific ghost story writers in the history of the genre. The literary critic S. T. Joshi stated, "His work is more consistently meritorious than any weird writer's except Dunsany's."The Algernon Blackwood Collection features: The CentaurJimbo: A FantasyThe Human ChordA Prisoner In FairylandThe Extra DayJulius Levallon: An EpisodeThe Bright MessengerThe Wave: An Egyptian AftermathThe Promise Of AirThe Garden Of SurvivalThe WillowsThe WendigoThe DamnedThe Man Whom The Trees LovedThe Insanity Of JonesThe Man Who Found OutThe Glamour Of The SnowSandThree John Silence StoriesThree More John Silence StoriesThe Empty HouseA Haunted IslandA Case Of EavesdroppingKeeping His PromiseWith Intent To StealThe Wood Of The DeadSmith: An Episode In A Lodging-HouseA Suspicious GiftThe Strange Adventures Of A Private Secretary In New YorkSkeleton Lake: An Episode In CampThe TrystThe Touch Of PanThe Wings Of HorusInitiationA Desert EpisodeThe Other WingThe Occupant Of The RoomCain’s AtonementAn Egyptian HornetBy WaterH. S. H.A Bit Of WoodTransitionThe TraditionThe Wolves Of GodChinese MagicRunning WolfFirst HateThe Tarn Of SacrificeThe Valley Of The BeastsThe CallEgyptian SorceryThe DecoyThe Man Who Found OutThe Empty SleeveWireless ConfusionConfessionThe Lane That Ran East And Westand“Vengeance Is Mine”