The Story of Jezebel por Elijah Brubaker

January 25, 2020

The Story of Jezebel por Elijah Brubaker
Titulo del libro : The Story of Jezebel
Autor : Elijah Brubaker
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 8, 2017
Número de páginas : 272
ISBN : 1941250165

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From up-and-coming comic artist Elijah Brubaker comes The Story of Jezebel, a thoroughly modern, and hilarious, take on the Old Testament tale of paganism, murder, and sex. King Ahab is arranged to marry the beautiful Jezebel, a hip chick with a short fuse, whose interest in the pagan god Baal doesn't sit well with the people. With a mix of satirist wit and visual verve, Brubaker puts his unique twist on angels, famine, war and even bear maulings, without losing touch with the biblical source material. If your grandma's Sunday school was a Comedy Central special, it would be Elijah Brubaker's Story of Jezebel.