Will Service Thriller Series 1-3 por Steven Becker

April 8, 2020

Will Service Thriller Series 1-3 por Steven Becker
Titulo del libro : Will Service Thriller Series 1-3
Autor : Steven Becker

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"Absolutely packed with action. Becker hit it out of the park"Featuring the #1 Best Sellers: Bonefish Blues, Tuna Tango, and Dorado DuetFinally, the first three books in the Will Service Thriller series have been compiled into a boxed set. These books will take the reader from Will's first Adventure in the Florida Keys to St. Petersburg and Mexico. Featuring lots of action, boating, fishing, and diving, join Will for his adventures.Dorado DuetIt’s a last chance for Will. Bringing boats back from Mexico and Central America seems like the ideal gig for a boat bum. But his latest job becomes complicated when he is offered a large bounty — a payoff big enough to set him up in his own business. The only problem is the boat is owned by a gangster who is still aboard. The situation is further complicated by two beautiful sisters. One has been kidnapped and is being held aboard the boat; the other who’s motives are murky has attached herself to Will.Follow Will as he chases the boat from Baja to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, trying to save the contract and the woman. Features plenty of sailing, boating, diving and fishing action along the way.Tuna TangoWill Service is living the Keys lifestyle until a hurricane swamps his boat and destroys his unfinished house. A family friend offers him an opportunity to get back on his feet, and he takes the challenge of rebuilding an iconic fish house on St. Petersburg Beach - a job unique to his abilities.The stakes are raised when a black market fish smuggling business is discovered on the property, and one of his delinquent workers steals a huge Bluefin tuna. The poachers take his girlfriend hostage to ensure his cooperation and protect their business forcing Will into a race to save her and shut down their operation.Bonefish BluesWill Service, a mild-mannered fly fishing guide, is living the Keys lifestyle. When he finds his favorite bonefish flat is in jeopardy, and the secret it holds lethal, he soon realizes he is the only one that can make a difference. Together with the son of his nemesis and a beautiful local woman, they face off against a twisted mob boss and a crooked realtor who will stop at nothing to hide their secret and protect their development. Can they save the pristine Key?