Crazy English 2 - Habits and Customs (Pre-intermediate-Intermediate) (English Edition) por George Sandford

November 20, 2019

Crazy English 2 - Habits and Customs (Pre-intermediate-Intermediate) (English Edition) por George Sandford
Titulo del libro : Crazy English 2 - Habits and Customs (Pre-intermediate-Intermediate) (English Edition)
Autor : George Sandford
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 15, 2014
Número de páginas : 103
Editor : Praski Publishing

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Crazy English 2 - Habits and Customs is a fun collection of 20 short texts designed to help English learners, (Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate), to find out all about the eccentric aspects of English culture, customs and habits. It is both entertaining and practical.

This latest version of the Crazy English series includes illustrations and pre-reading discussion tasks. Each text is approximately 250 words with comprehension or vocabulary tests and answers with easy navigation to and from the answer section. There is also additional vocabulary and key phrases relating to the topic.

It is suitable for self-study or as a teaching aid. Material may be copied, with author attribution, for classroom purposes but not commercial use.

Find out what's involved in organising accommodation, phoning in sick for work, meeting neighbours in the lift, ordering drinks in a pub and what it means to have green fingers - most Brits do!

About the author

George Sandford is author of Cambridge University Press - English for Human Resources as well as countless ebooks with Praski Publishing. His ‘Crazy English’ series of books has featured regularly in Spain’s 100 Kindle best sellers list.

He also writes for Business English Magazine which is distributed in Poland, Germany and Spain, as well as its General English sister publication, English Matters. Since 2009, his English with George ‘micro lessons’ have appeared daily on the Warsaw Metro and transport system infoscreens.

He is vastly experienced having worked in sales, marketing, human resources, management training, coaching and teaching. He delivers training courses in English in Europe and China - South Pacific region.

His materials are frequently based on real life experiences and combine humour, inventiveness and practicality. He is based in Poland and working as an author and publisher.