The Issue with Chinese Astronomy (History: Fiction or Science? Book 21) (English Edition) por Anatoly Fomenko

December 10, 2019

The Issue with Chinese Astronomy (History: Fiction or Science? Book 21) (English Edition) por Anatoly Fomenko
Titulo del libro : The Issue with Chinese Astronomy (History: Fiction or Science? Book 21) (English Edition)
Autor : Anatoly Fomenko
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 23, 2015
Número de páginas : 186
Editor : Delamare Publishing

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'Ancient' China is a misunderstanding at best

NASA research of earth-moon mechanics by astrophysicist Robert Newton leads mathematicians of MS U to a breakthrough in the chronology of civilization, China including.

'The Issue with Chinese Astronomy' is that it just can't serve anymore as a solid foundation of 'ancient' Chinese History. It looks that 'ancient' China is a misunderstanding at best.

It is presumed to be exceptionally ancient, a lot more so than European history, and its datings are said to be perfectly reliable. The basics of Chinese chronology are believed to be so firm that it serves as a classical example of an indubitably ancient and reliable chronology.

There is a popular misconception about Chinese chronology being based on the “ancient Chinese” astronomical records, which permit to date the events of the “ancient Chinese” history without any ambiguity whatsoever.

This example makes it difficult to believe that the history of Europe, Egypt and Asia Minor is as brief as the new chronology claims it to be. Moreover, one must naturally wonder about the possible reasons why the documented history of China begins thousands of years ago, remaining reliable nonetheless, whereas the much shorter history of Europe contains so many errors.

Could it really be that the Chinese have maintained the chronology and history of the last six thousand years unbroken and distortion-free, whereas the history of every other nation is a millennium old at best, and filled with errors?

Another example is the invention of the printing press by the Germans in the XV century, 1440 being the earliest estimation. There is nothing odd about this invention being made in Europe around that time – after all, all European languages use phonetic alphabets.

However, consensual history is trying to convince us that somebody invented printing molds in China 300 years before, in the XI century – for tens of thousands of hieroglyphs, no less. The invention had promptly been forgotten, serving no other purpose than going down in history.

The more plausible version is that a European (possibly Dutch) book about the invention of the printing press in Germany became translated into Chinese around the XVII century and became part of Chinese history.One must also recollect the alleged invention of the logarithms in China that took place 500 years before they were invented in the Netherlands.

The comparison of two publications, European and Chinese, demonstrates that a misprint from Napier’s table of natural logarithms (first published in 1620) was repeated in a Chinese book that is presumed to be 500 years older.

Is that the natural way of making history, one wonders? The Spanish Armada of 300 great vessels also became an important part of Chinese history. Every Chinese history book reports about the construction of a gigantic 300-vessel Armada in 1405; some of the ships are said to have been 150 meters long, which is quite impossible for wooden ships.

This fleet was presumably sent to India, the Arabic countries and so on; the expedition recurred six or seven times, its purpose remains unclear. This is obviously the Great Spanish Armada transformed into a Chinese myth.

The authors give a brief description of the real situation with Chinese history and chronology as opposed to whatever is advertised. The authors are far from claiming that their reconstruction is complete. The work on the reconstruction of Chinese history has only just begun.

China special PS: Dr. Fomenko will refute, repent and eat his shapka if it is proven that the Earth is flat thus making it possible that most comets were visible in China and not in Europe.